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Air Humidifier

Air Humidifier

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Are you looking to add a touch of color and freshness to your home or office?

Introducing the Air Humidifier Essential Oil Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Atomizer! This unique device combines a colorful gradient light with nanometer fine fog and creative modeling to create a soothing atmosphere. It also features a volume of surging fog and a mute operation for a peaceful environment.


- Colorful gradient light: This air humidifier features a colorful gradient light to create a soothing atmosphere.

- Nanometer fine fog: This device produces nanometer fine fog for a refreshing atmosphere.

-Creative modeling: This air humidifier features creative modeling for a unique look.

- Volume of surging fog: This device produces a volume of surging fog to create a peaceful environment.

- Mute operation: This air humidifier operates silently for a peaceful atmosphere.


- Material: ABS+PP+PC+silica gel+electronic components
- Size: 120x120x151mm
- Single net weight: 275g
- Color: green, white
- Timing function: more than 8 hours


This air humidifier works by using ultrasonic technology to convert water into a fine mist. The mist is then released into the air to create a refreshing and soothing atmosphere.


Q: Does this air humidifier have a timer?
A: Yes, it has a timing function of more than 8 hours.

Q: What colors are available?
A: This air humidifier is available in green and white.

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